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RegCM-4.6.0 released

After a long development and testing, we have a fully functional non-hydrostatic dynamical core option!

Freezing of production ready 4.4.5

Hi Everybody,

the 4.4 release branch has undergone final freezing, and is considered production ready.

And we have started working on the 4.5 :)

Please update your codebases to use the 4.4.5 release. Bug fixing on this branch will be tagged as 4.4.5.X

Release of RegCM 4.4

We have finally decided to tag final version of RegCM 4.4.0.

It is out, and we anticipate that before switching on RegCM 5.0 with the new SISLDG dynamical core, we are currently working on adding MM5 non hydrostatic core to RegCM to have an intermediate 4.5 release with this new feature.

Stay tuned!

Release of 4.4-rc32

Hi there, the latest relase candidate for the 4.4 release is out.

Anybody out there willing to give it a try to smooth out corners is welcome!

Bug fixing release

The bugfix release has been posted in the Files Section.

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