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xburst-toolsxburst-toolsBooting and flash programming the Ronzi A3 in preparation of a new college on open software
RVI based on FPGAopenhardwareAn open collaboration to define a standardized hardware-software architecture and suitable design methodology for the development of Reconfigurable Virtual Instruments(RVI) based on FPGA technology. Critical activities will be executed on FPGAs while non critical human interface and other services are executed on personal computers and hand-held devices connected with the FPGA through standard ports such as USB or RS232.
RegCM ICTP Regional Climate Model regcmThe Regional Climate Model system RegCM is maintained in the Earth System Physics (ESP) section of the ICTP. The latest version of the model, RegCM4, includes major upgrades in the structure of the code and its pre- and post- processors, along with the inclusion of some new physics parameterizations. The model is flexible, portable and easy to use. It can be applied to any region of the World, with grid spacing of up to about 10 km (hydrostatic limit), and for a wide range of studies, from process studies to paleoclimate and future climate simulation.
Lazy BuilderlazybuilderA fully configurable script to automatically build a software against different compilers/mpi version. It is supposed to be used in a HPC cluster in which is available using the Modules Environment tool. The software will be compiled against various compilers (or mpi implementation/version) and a proper modulefile will be created.
FPGA Open Hardware Platforms for Sciencervi_fpga_boardsOpen hardware design of high-performance low-cost prototype FPGA platforms for the implementation of a wide variety of reconfigurable instruments based on a modular hardware approach. The project foresees one or more motherboards with standard connectors and several compatible daughter/extension boards. The project has two main subprojects: one dealing with the FPGA design and the other dealing with the software running on the PC.
Distributed Hydrological Model CHYMchymCHYM is a distributed hydrological model, developed by the University of Aquila and in use and under further development in ICTP-ESP. It has been successfully applied to a number of river basins and can be easily to a new basin for your research, since it uses an iterative algorithm to automatically calculate the drainage network from any digital elevation map.
allwinner 10 tabletallwinner_a10The Allwinner A10 tablet and its use in the ICTP college on distributed acquisition and control systems

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